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In a Jar | Oysters Smoked

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Freshly harvested by the Farmer at Coffin Bay Oyster Farm our Pacific Oysters are delivered fresh direct from South Australia's Eyre Peninsula to our alliance the Fresh Fish Co.  who shuck the oyster and prepare these beautifully smoked gems.

This is bound to change your life- The aroma of this brine soaked oyster is likened to a intensely sweet, woody smoke. Fresh clean ocean with hints of the original salty and firm texture, that melts in your mouth. A first for South Australian Oysters, these smoked gem will rock your socks off. Pair with local cheese and wines, toss through a salad or just to snack on by itself. Seriously good. 

Check out our website for all the details about your oysters and seafood, see our story and why we are so passionate about serving the freshest, most delicate seafood to you, wherever you may be! Learn more about why your exact oysters taste, smell and look a certain way, where they came from and how to eat them!

Collection Options

To ensure optimized freshness you will be prompted to input your choose date and time for collection along with the location upon check out.  View the location and store hours of our Seafood Centre's.

Product Care and Storage

  • Transporting you seafood home in a cooler with enough ice blocks or ice to keep it chilled (if you forget we have foam esky's and ice packs in store)
  • Once home put the Oysters in the fridge in a covered container. Oysters are a perishable product. Live pacific oysters must be kept refrigerated below 10°C.
  • Once shucked, refrigerate your pacific oysters below 5°C until they’re consumed.
  • Remember to enjoy your fresh oysters within 7-10 days of harvest unless you’re freezing them.
  • Freeze Oysters sitting in upright position to ensure they hold onto their water.
  • Frozen oysters must be eaten or cooked (above 65°C) immediately once thawed.
  • Dispose of oyster shells thoughtfully.

Nutrition Information

Farmed pacific oysters have naturally high levels of many nutrients which contribute to a healthy lifestyle. 

  • A good source of Omega 3 fatty acids (specifically EPA+DHA) contain anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the risk of heart disease and arthritis symptoms and are believed to reduce the risk of developing some cancers.
  • A source of Iron to support female sub groups (menstruating women, pregnant women, teenagers and athletes) as well as babies and toddlers.
  • A source of Magnesium to help maintain normal muscle and nerve function and support healthy immune system.

Fun fact - 100g of Pacific Oysters equals the same Omega 3 as 2500 grams Chicken Breast

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