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EP Bees | Raw Honey 100%

by EP Bees
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EP Bees honey is strained and not pasteurised before packaging to ensure it retains its beneficial nutrients and antioxidants.

Product Size: 1kg
Meet the Makers
In 2017 Garry and Amelia started their apiary journey with a top bar hive which they made themselves. They installed a viewing window so they could observe and learn all about bees and what happens in the hive. Fast forward five years, they have 18 hives and still love learning. In their first year they got a few litres of honey. In 2022 they have harvested over 500kg of honey. Beekeepers enjoy sharing their knowledge and everyone has a slightly different way of managing their hives. 
Crystallised honey has not gone off, it has just changed its structure. Honey contains two primary sugars, fructose and glucose. It is the glucose that turns into crystallised sugar. You can easily turn crystallised honey back into runny honey by gently heating in warm water. Shake every few minutes to break up the sugar crystals. If there are a lot of granules, you may need to repeat a few times.
Perfect weather to treat yourself this weekend.
Bake a 250g Brie at 180 degrees for 10 minutes or until warm.
Top with nuts of your choice and drizzle with 1/4 cup warm EP Bees honey.
Enjoy with some fresh crusty bread.
or one for the kids
EP Bees Honey Joy Recipe
-Preheat oven to 160°C and place patty pans into a muffin tray.
-Heat EP Bees Honey and butter until melted.
-In a heat-proof bowl combine the cornflakes & honey /butter mixture and stir until evenly combined.
-Put cornflake mixture into patty pans and bake for 10mins.
-Remove from oven and allow to cool and set.

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